Taking To Painting and Decorating 

Although I stem from a family of tardesmen I didn’t take up painting and decorating as a career until my early fifties. Wallpapering was one thing I’d always done since I was sixteen, as my parents divorce meant if ‘I wanted my bedroon decorated it was up to me to get on and do it’, plus I was inspired by my aunties that were in the Land Army, their homes were always beautifully decorated and a pleasure to go into. My Grandfather owned the Harvey Brothers Building Company in Carshalton Surrey and employed his four sons. My father Edward Harvey became a Master Plaster and held a first class reputation for his craft.

And so reaching my early fifties and stressed out with life after working in the third sector, I took to the tools. Firstly shadowing my sister in law and then going for my City and Guilds Level 2 in Painting and Decorating.

Like a duck to water I took to the trade and looking back it all made perfect sense, the passion for this work re-ignited like an old flame.

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